Hydration & whole foods for younger skin.

I alway notice a person’s skin..and NOT just from aesthetic point of view.

(OK..to be honest I really I can’t help but be in awe of glowing skin. I never had great skin as a teenager….sigh)

Truth is you can tell a lot about a persons health by their skin. Our skin is one really large organ, and it mirrors the internal health of the person wearing it. 

For example fine wrinkles and lines can be indicators of dehydration, toxicity, stress and dark under eye circles are linked to lack of sleep. The colour of our skin can indicate liver toxicity, stagnate circulation and vascular problems, or a deficiency of vitamins and mineral in the diet. Blemishes can relate to hormonal imbalance. Rashes and eczema are signs of an overactive immune system and disbiosis of gut micro biome.

I am actually going to stop right here because this post is not actually about what the skin can tell us about our body. Well not really anyway. I wanted this post to be about how we can improve our skin to get that youthful healthy glow..no matter what your age. HOW? Here is my big revelation. NO matter what your AGE your skin is… hydrated old skin looks younger then dehydrated old skin.

Lets have a full circle moment..if you want great skin, start from the inside out. Go ahead and ditch the lotions and potion. But keep the sunscreen. A GOOD CLEAN one!! More on that on a future post….

Hydration is key to glowing, smoother skin, because it is also key to a properly functioning body as a whole. Water not only helps regulate the bodies temperature, it is critical for removal of digestive and metabolic waste. We need water to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues.  The more efficient the body is at removing waste and toxic sludge from your body, the slower the signs of stress wear on your skin.

Water is also known to help tighten sagging skin by preserving elastin in the tissue. Fight gravity on our jowls and eye bags. Your skin needs to consume approx 10-15 percent water content to remain looking subtle and full. Dehydrated skin will thin faster and show sagging and wrinkles, so drinking more water and less coffee and alcohol.

All diets work for weight loss.. ALL diets. Did you get that..ALL DIETS! Reason being is that they will all in some way put you in a caloric deficit. As long as you stick to their rules and be patient. (which is usually why diets fail) BUT here is what I want to know….what diet work to slow aging?

The answer is a Whole foods diet. Providing the body with foods that contain fibre, nutrients, antioxidants, feed your gut bacteria, and contain water. Hence I’m an advocate for eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits vs cooking them. Evaporated water during the cooking process also takes with it a portion of vitamins and phytochemicals.

Since I am writing about vegetables and fruit…let touch for a moment on the concern about pesticide use. Whats the deal? Pesticides will be hard on your gut bacteria since they are designed to kill insects and bacteria..but additionally pesticides will give your liver extra work. Whats my opinion? Glad you asked. Cause I am offering it regardless. My thought is that the good of any fruit or vegetable will out weigh the bad tied to it. As hard as you try you will not eliminate all chemical toxic exposure. But a body will have a much easier time clearing pesticides and recovering on a whole foods diet, then it would clearing and thriving on a diet of processed foods. One that contributes 10,000 more chemicals in the form of colouring agents, preservatives, stabilizers, texturizes and sweeteners for you in addition to those pesticides consumed from your produce. I have yet to meet a person who got bright, shinny, blemish free, glowing skin by eating a full processed food diet.


If your budget can afford it…go for organic produce or at the very least low sprayed.

Adding Lemon to your water also helps the liver detoxify and adds extra minerals to alkaline the blood. Try adding half a fresh squeezed lemon to a cup of warm water in the morning.

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