When You F* Up Being Vegan

Young girl with hat. Hides her face.Depression.

Want to know the key to eating a plant based diet long term? Eat animal products guilt free.

Haha…WAIT hear me out on this one!! For most people sticking to a restrictive diet and Im talking ANYTHING restrictive weather its animal products, calories, refined sugar or a trending juice fast takes…lets face it.. determination. Sticking to your guns is great when your mojo is high but after 8 weeks or even 8 hours (if your fasting)….things get real.  I wish I never had a craving, ate like a guru and the potato chip business ceased to exist. Truth is we are all vulnerable to break downs. Some of us more then others. If you NEVER get cravings or NEVER find yourself lingering in the freezer section display of ice-cream in the grocery store.. you probably poop gold and will live to 1000. You probably don’t need to read this.

In the context of adopting a plant based vegan lifestyle..what if you slip up? Why does this equal = failure…why is anything less then 100% not good enough?  “I tried to go vegan once…but I was at a party..and there was this cheese tray….” So what if you ate some cheese? Does this really mean that you might as well hull out the frying pan and cook up a pound of bacon?

WE NEED TO BE KIND TO OURSELVES. We need to forgive ourself if we sway outside the lines. Life is meant to throw your diet out the window every now and then. How do you plan on handling it? Will you let ONE late night cheese quesadilla mishap derail your progress? Will you allow it to spiral you into paralyzing guilt? Feeling shame and guilt will is not the mindset that leads a person to long term success.

Real talk..if you plan on a long term journey down this road of plant based living your going to have a few bumps along the way. Take it with stride, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the trail.

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